Here’s my Tips for Choosing a GPS Watch

GPS watches come in all different forms, fitted with specifications to suit a variety of users. It is fair to say that GPS watches have taken the traditional concept of a watch to a totally new level, integrating modern technology and prestige and fitting it in a compatible device, that in essence guides you in your paths. But the real question is how do you know which is a good GPS watch on the market and what features you need to look out for?

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It is commonplace to find that one of the main users of GPS watches are runners, hikers and many other sports. However it should also be noted that logging data, navigation and keeping track on those with intellectual disabilities (who are prone to wandering on their own) are also on the market.

It is crucial to understand the general and also advanced features of a GPS watch and comprehend what is on offer. A great tip is to formalize just what your own personal purpose of having a GPS watch. Is it for general exploring or would you prefer a device that logs your heart rate, calories burned and distance? Since GPS watches are used for many intents and purposes, characterizing what your own needs are is especially important.

Basic Features of a Good GPS Watch

It is commonly accepted that the main purpose of having a good GPS watch is for those interested in fitness. Therefore some of the basic features of common GPS watches is that it keeps you on track to achieving your own goals. The fact that they are more reliable than any other form of tracking just goes to show how much they can add to your own personal achievements.

Using a GPS watch for many different types of activities is also something to look out for. You simply do not want to spend money on one that can only be used for one activity which may end up restricting you. It is essential that you look out for a GPS watch that can be set on different features, enabling you to, for example, cycle, run and hike and do many other outdoor activities.

If you are a serious about your fitness then some GPS watches have built in software that enables sending data to your own computer, great for analyzing your results and activity levels. Additionally some good GPS watches can upload data to specific websites, enabling you to keep up-to-date on your own statistics, which is great for modern athletes and those who want to be at the top of their game.

Another feature that some good GPS watches have to offer is being water resistant. This is the ultimate feature for those who are taking part in some kind of water fitness tasks, and if so, it is a complete necessity. It should be noted that not all GPS watches have this feature so this is definitely something to look out for.

Battery life is a considerable factor, especially depending on the type of activities you will take part in. If you are, for example a marathon runner, or a triathlete, you will need long battery life, and there are some GPS watch batteries that last up to 20 hours.

Advanced Features to Look for in Excellent GPS Watches

There are of course some GPS watches on the market that have more advanced and technological enhancements when compared to other brands, and perhaps these advanced features will make all the difference for the user. An example of some of the advanced features are the device that connects to shoes. This will help give more precise results when moving around, sending the data back to the GPS watch. An important aspect to this is that this happens in real time, therefore there will be no delay in receiving results, an excellent advantage to have when gearing up to a special sporting event. By connecting a strap to the shoes, it gives another dimension of usage, since you can still use the watch for indoor activities, such as on the treadmill or stationary bike.

Weather forecasts, temperatures and humidity are just another advanced feature available. For those who seem that this may not be necessary, this is not the case. Users of this function will be able to track their progress in different weather conditions, highlighting there performance in different settings, and seeing how to improve if their conditions are hindering them somehow.
Specialist features also include revisiting your own steps, for instance you get lost in the woods, a simple touch of a button can help you retrace your own steps. Some GPS watches also help you push to the limit, by identifying past data and giving you specific time and activities to help you improve, something that is highly desired among ambitious athletes. Almost as if having your own personal trainer blowing a whistle, with some GPS watches they would vibrate or buzz if you are going to slow of a pace or too fast.

It should also be noted that not all GPS watches are built with fitness in mind. Tracking disabled patients that are in need of constant care is a responsibility that needs to be addressed. These watches have built in features that help track and locate patients enabling carers to keep a constant eye on their patients, something that is of great importance. If you’re an outdoors guy or girl who mostly uses time tracking, altimetry and weather reports, you may not even need the GPS function that much. Instead, you could go with something such as a G-Shock or Pathfinder watch (from Casio), or a Suunto watch, or any other brand that does a similar job. Here’s a good place to educate yourself on the best G-Shock watch for your particular purpose.
To help make the buying experience of your own GPS watch easier there are various tips that need to be considered. Reading reviews of different types of watches will help make your own choice easier, since reviewers would have tried and tested the watch. Also understand just what is important to help reach your own goals and what features GPS watches have that can enable you to surpass your own expectations. Pick a watch that is suitable for yourself and your own sport or other usage, to ensure compatibility.
When choosing a GPS watch it is commonplace to get caught up in the different features and gadgets that they have to offer and sometimes it can be easy to miss one important factor, try on the watch before buying! If you are going to be wearing the GPS watch when doing strenuous tasks, it is imperative that you are comfortable and the screen is easy to read.

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