Choosing the Right Bag for Your Laptop

5.11-backpackA laptop bag is a must-have accessory if your work is carried out on the field more than in the office. However, before placing an order for a laptop bag (or backpack), you should take into account several issues:

1. Choose the right size: don’t buy a laptop bag of 16-17 inches if you have a 10.1 inch netbook. And conversely, if you have a full-size portable, verify the dimensions of the bag’s compartments to be large enough to accommodate your laptop.

2. avoid ordering online before you can check the product live – when it comes to this category of accessories, the information provided on websites by sellers is quite poor.

3. make sure that the quality of the material from which the bag is manufactured is high grade and offers resistance (checks everything including zippers), but looks do matter – make sure it doesn’t look cheap.

4. Find bags with at least two compartments. If it has only one compartment, you will need to put your laptop and charger next to each other, and this way the laptop can get scratched easily. The right combination is two compartments + outer pocket for the charger or three compartments plus outside pocket. Why we recommend bags with compartments? Because, in some cases, in addition to the laptop you need to also carry files and documents.

5. If, however, you opt for a simple bag with one compartment, buy a laptop bag to protect it from scratches.

6. If you travel a lot on foot and on physically demanding roads, choose a laptop backpack instead of a bag. Have a look at this selection of good tough backpacks

7. Please note that the price is not a factor that guarantees the quality of the bag by itself. You can find inexpensive handbags for under 30 dollars.

These are just a few tips for those willing to buy a laptop bag. I am convinced, however, that among our readers there are laptop bag or backpack owners who can share their experience. So we look forward to your feedback: what you considered when you bought a laptop bag, how satisfied have you been following the purchase, what problems came along and so forth.

Update: I got myself the 5.11 1-day tactical backpack, the black version. Again, thanks to the Rangermade website. It’s very well crafted, from high quality tough material. It has 20-somethings pockets and a compartment where you can fit 2 laptops, not just one. The laptop stays firmly in place, even if it’s not attached with a band. There’s a band for 12 to 13 inch laptops. Even so the laptop does not move from its place. It will also fit other things in it and it’s not going to be heavy when you put it on your back. Maybe the first time, but you’ll get used. The first time I put it on my back it had 15 lbs. I had in it the laptop, charger, hard disk drive, mouse, a folder with 200 sheets and data cables. Even if at first glance these appear to be light, they add up. And yet, the backpack did well in the subway and the laptop was very well protected.

If you look it up on the Internet, you will find many positive reviews about this backpack.

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