Coding the Canon SDK to Control Your Canon Camera

Canon_EOS_G1X_III have a couple friends photographers who for various reasons wanted their own camera controlling programs to do various tasks. One example is in a book scanning project using cameras. Since Canon was one of the first camera manufacturers to release camera control software for end-users, and their SDK is also one of the most robust, it made sense to run the scanning project with Canons.

You need to apply with Canon to get the SDK dll’s. The required info and application links based on your location are available here: I applied, told my story nicely and was approved with no problem.

Once obtained, you plug the libraries into your .NET Studio and happily start coding away. Now, there’s a problem here, the documentation isn’t very complete, and the information available on the internet is rather sparse. I had to look hard and find the few available sources on this topic.

As for a camera to test my programming on, I used the newer Canon G1X mark 2 since the project sponsored it. To be honest I think it’s a great little camera, and it’s doing well for book scanning, so much so that the results with good lighting are very comparable to that of the DSLRs’. The review that helped me make an educated decision to buy the G1X mark II was – Little site but hands-on and very helpful.

There are three classes, the SDKHandler class, the Camera class and the CameraValues class, and from the Canon SDK there is the EDSDK class.

In the SDKHandler class are a few variables:

Check out the other specs here.

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